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Meet Brenda Jepson, NBCR

 A long time believer in natural and holistic health care, having used Shaklee products from the time she was 13 years old, Brenda decided to pursue a career in Reflexology. In 2008 she attended The Palmer Institute of Body works in Salem, MA where she learned the Universal Method of Reflexology and received her Massachusetts Certificate.  She then continued to pursue her passion for reflexology and received her National Certificate in 2010 through the American Reflexology Certification Board; she is also a member of the Massachusetts Association of Reflexology and Reflexology Association of America. In April 2014 she completed Cranio-sacral Therapy 1 through Upledger Institute and in 2018 became a practioner of Biofield Tuning. She continues the process of educating herself by taking classes on the newest reflexology techniques and Cranio-sacral therapy and biofield Tuning.   She specializes in relief of Back Pain, Arthritis, Nerve Pain, Insomnia, Migraines, Bone Spurs, Neuropathy, Reducing Inflammation, Digestive Issues and all around Stress Relief to bring the body into its natural balance. 

Safe. Proven. Guaranteed. Beyond Organic. In Harmony with Nature and Good health.

Want a Healthier life?

 Shaklee Is a 100+ year old company.  I have been using these products for 44 years. Shaklee made the first biodegradable  product back in 1960, Dr. Shaklee was the first person to create a multivitamin in 1915.  This is a company that you can trust. 100% Guarantee On all products. 

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